Does adding a Power Supply really make a difference?

I have a Naim Nait XS3, I am considering adding a Flatcap XS power supply. Has anyone done this and does it improve the sound quality significantly?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Many, many people have done this, and a search of the Forum may be useful. Whether the improvement is ‘significant’ or ‘marginal’ depends on one’s own experience. Do consider that the the Flatcap is a £1,000 upgrade: might you be better moving to the Supernait 3? The D30 is quite a lot for the XS3 and a Supernait may well be a better match.


To be fair all improvements are very slight and the better the product is in the first place the smaller the improvement will be.
As someone once said a £20 radio will get you over 80% there, so in real life its just small differences, but differences it is and if you can hear them and want them, plus afford them, then fine go for it.
But try and see its the only way, as like all forums you will get many different views, probably most saying night and day different lol, when its more like 3/4 a tea spoon compared to a full tea spoon of sugar in your tea


Hi @Plumptonvinyl and welcome

I had a Nait XS 2 until recently. I bought a new Hicap DR to complement the 282/200 I was upgrading to. Anyway while I was waiting for the 282/200 to be serviced, I hooked the Hicap DR up to the XS 2.

I was surprised at the difference it made - a pretty substantial upgrade.

If you are thinking to go down the separates route someday (or to move to a Supernait), perhaps consider getting a Hicap rather than a Flatcap.

Regards, Ian


I have no experience of the xs3 but the answer to the general question is yes, yes and yes again. It is what the Naim sound is built on and is the very essence of its USP. I added a flatcap to my classic 112/150 and to my olive series 92/90. In both cases it made a good amp combination a spectacular one for the money spent. As said the hicap would make even more of a difference.

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In my 40 years of using Naim kit I have been astounded again and again at the difference the addition of a power supply can make and I have so many examples to give. I do not have a Nait XS3, but I have added various PS’s to a wide range of components and I have never been disappointed. The changes are not in my opinion small but big jumps forwards in speed, clarity, punch and dynamics. I agree with the advice to buy a Hi-cap, (DR if you can) they are very versatile and can slot into a range of future upgrades, and can be bought used without fear to save a few £. One thing we alll know and love about Naim kit is it is very well made. If it does not bring the improvement you seek then it could be sold again and so cost you almost nothing, but once you have it I would bet you will keep it.


I remember reading a review of a Cyrus CD player where adding the psx power supply was compared with using it with a similar priced power cable.
Was found to be preferable with just the expensive power cable.
Of course Naim are on a completely different level, but could be something not to rule out

I would look for a ex-demo HiCap DR and skip the FlatCap instead. I did just that albeit on a NAIT XS 2 and it was a superb improvement.


I agree with much as said above.
Forget Flatcap & go HiCap,
The ProAc’s will more than likely be better served with extra power from SN (either preowned SN2 or a SN3)

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Years ago talking in the Salt Lane shop with Julian , he told me all their pre-amps were intended to be used with separate power supplies.

When I got my first system the dealer demoed what the Flatcap did to a CD5 and Nait 5. I had no hesitation in buying the Flatcap.


I became a power supply ‘convert’ as it were, when I hooked up a HiCapDR to my (previous) Headline headphone amp - the difference in SQ was obvious. Then, another step up when I tried my SuperCap2.

I agree with others - skip the FlatCap - I really didn’t notice much difference when I tried one. HCDR is a little beauty. SC is a thing of wonder!

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I’m not sure. I’ve always found that matching within series can work best. A Flatcap 2X made a world of difference to the 122x and CD5x I once owned. Adding too big a power supply can upset things. In this case, as I said above, swapping to a Supernait may well be a better way to go, particularly once we are talking £1,500 for a Hicap DR.


Yes, I agree re the SN3 pathway. I’ve not heard the XS3, but the SN3 certainly bested my XS2.

As to FC, it just goes to show how we all hear differently I guess - mine perhaps was nearing a service, on reflection.

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My experience with Naim power supplies has been positive in every case. Even a flatcap 2 made an improvement. Adding a 555PS to my CDS3 was a revelation and is well worth the effort imo.

Similar experience to share, same as others have reported above.

Tried a FC2 on my XS2, looking for a gain. I reported to the dealer it was a nice improvement, but I maybe wouldn’t spend £900+ on what it offered. So the dealer brought a pre-loved HC2 into the audition session. Wow, for same or slightly less money, I concluded a much more positive step forward and went home happy with the HC2 to keep.

DR would hopefully be a slight gain too.

The XS3 is maybe a different better amp and so the step forward might be less. However, my experience is a Pre-loved HC trumps a FC any day. Try it for yourself and report back?

Hope that helps
Good luck.


I hope that they make a difference. I am awaiting a supercap 2 arrival as a loaner to test on my 282, as opposed to a hicapDR.


Thank you everyone, that is very interesting and it is great to get your thoughts hear about your own personal experience.

Kind Regards


Thanks R that sounds interesting.


I also found that putting a HiCap DR into my NAIT XS 2 made for a really significant uplift in performance in everyway, i was advised to go for a Flatcap instead, glad i didn’t. I couldn’t imagine at that time that it would get anywhere close.