Does addition of XPS DR change impedance of NDX 2 RCA outputs?

Does anyone know if the impedance from the RCA connects on the NDX 2 is altered by addition of the XPS DR? The reason I ask is my dealer in the U.S. recommended a pair of Transparent Reference RCA interconnects ($3200) to my Levinson 5805. The Transparent Reference network boxes are supposed to be “tuned” to match the impedance of the source equipment and amplifier. So, I bought them and I can tell virtually no difference in my 18-year old Transparent Supers ($650)–this after ~ 600 hours of “burn-in” time. The old Supers on some music seem a bit brighter and the Reference cables on some music seem a wee bit warmer, but no difference in music detail or sound stage.
I wish I knew more about this kind of business.
Thank you kindly!

The XPS has nothing to do with output stages on the NDX.
Problem with interlinks is that they all have different resistance and material.
This can be a improvement of sound but can also not.
The price is just what they ask.
You always first listen for yourself if it is an improvement before you buy a cable.
I think the cable business can be tricky.
Sometimes it is if cables have got some voodoo for sound improvement.
It is not more then a wire of copper, silver, gold and a shield. The quality of connectors can do something. And that it is.
Your ears will tell.
I’am happy with the Naim cable’s.

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