Does an ndac improve an NDX1

Ahead of an impending arrival of an NDX1 ,will the sound be improved routing through my ndac .The next question where would I put an XPS2 on the NDX 1 or the ndac …

The nDAC was always an official upgrade to the NDX and ND5X but not the NDS.

The XPS should go on the nDAC as it powers the analogue side of things. Ensure you turn on the digital output of the NDX, and disable the analogue output - this puts the NDX in transport mode.


Correct Guinnless

NDAC into XPS should ( I would say will) improve the overall SQ


The old forum had a wealth of discussion on this. Opinions varied. While everyone agreed it was a far more detailed upgrade, I’d say 80% of those preferred that and a 20% minority found the NDX without nDAC sounded smoother and more analogue albeit less detailed.

I’ve never compared so the above is my recollection of old threads, not personal experience.

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