Does anyone here have experience with IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze?

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
I have read many good reviews about these in the picture…
:black_small_square:IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze

I’m thinking of having these under my Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS,.as I can’t have it in a “hifi-rack”.
Does anyone here have experience with IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze.


Have you tried an email to Sean Jacobs asking for suggestions for your situation?

I tried these beneath my Nova. The sound became super clear and almost etched, emphasising every detail. It was very impressive hifi but awful if what you want is enjoyable engaging music. I’m pleased I bought them with the option of returning them if I didn’t like them. Which I didn’t. As well as sounding bad, they spoilt the look of the Nova.

The question to be asking is whether what’s just a little power supply needs a special rack, fancy feet or whatever.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

The only real thing is to try it in your own system.
As you describe,.it could go either way.

I have tried some other “feet” I have at home,.and they all give different results on this DC3 LPS.
And,.since Sean Jacobs recommends these feet,I’ve already ordered 3.

BUT,.wanted to throw the question out here to get more experience.
Also,.this DC3 LPS is not that small :grin:

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Well,.I have talked a lot with Sean Jacobs,he has IsoAcoustics feet as original feet for his DC4.
He recommends these IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze as feet for the DC3.

BUT,.I want to capture other people’s experiences as well.

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Had the Burgandy ones under my vitus when I had that. Made a difference. They are now under my speakers and make a huge difference!

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I think as others have mentioned you must try them in your system to see if you like the change or not (or if you notice a change). I recently picked up a set (x3) of the graphite, with the intention of using them under my DAC, which is placed on a level of Fraim. For my system they didn’t work, as there was a pronounced hump in the upper bass I didn’t like that made things seem bloated. But at some point I will try them under my phono stage, or any other applicable piece of kit, to see if they work better in other locations. I do have the Gaia’s under my speakers & they work great.

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I have installed the Orea Bordeaux under the granite slab under my TT, they replaced Townshend Pods which were a bit unsightly as they were at the lower end of the supported weight and did not compress much. The Oreas are fine perhaps not quite so effective as the Pods in terms of bass control but they are still effective and look good.

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Firstly, I read a review that claimed that they need to be loaded close to their capacity in order to be effective. Under-loading them can apparently sound dreadful - ie. anything under half their capacity is under-loaded.

That said I have tried them and was unimpressed. I have found that I tend to dislike so-called isolation devices that introduce any sort of compliance. I find that they often make the sound airy, clear and detailed but at the same time they rob it of solidity, drive and impact.

Personal choice of course and many obviously like what they do. Not my cup of tea at all.

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When I had my LPS for my router it sat on the floor on a 1cm thick acrylic platform with 4 Peek plastic cones as feet. This seemed an effective solution.

I have my router and EE8 switch on a similar small home-made two tier stand using 2cm thick acrylic and Peek cones again. Very effective.

I would ideally use something from Quadraspire or Apollo racks, but there just isn’t enough room.

I don’t know what your space restrictions are but Apollo do a compact rack 30cm x 40cm. Or if this is too big, you could always purchase a pair of their speaker stands with the Bamboo bases and just use one of those bases! I considered this, you get the spikes too(!) but even that was too big for my space.


I have some leftover Mana Acoustic racks,.but the space is too small.
I am relegated to feet under my Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS,.this as it has to stand on a sturdy real wooden table near the incoming fiberbox and router.

Sean Jacobs recommends these IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze for his DC3 LPS,.so I’ll start with those and take it from there.
I’ve read an incredible number of positive reviews,.so it’s as usual about the adaptation to the product you have vs the base it stands on.

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If the IsoAcoustics are recommended by the manufacturer then it makes sense certainly.

As you will be aware, there are any number of alternatives at anything from low cost to ultra high-end if you don’t get on with them! Good luck!


Hi again…
Yes I know :grin:
BUT,.3 arrived today…!!
IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze.

It will be really interesting to hear if these remain,.or if the search continues.
Sean Jacobs recommends these for his DC3 LPS,.but it also depends on where they are placed, table, rack, etc

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