Does anyone know how to create playlists when playing from attached SSD HD

Does anyone know how to create playlists when listening to attached SSD drive in rear USB socket
I can create playlists via Naim App from HD attached to my iMac but not to HD attached to Naim ND 5 XS 2 which I have just bought

Reason I wish to have playlists from attached HD is so we can play our selected music without having to have computer on

This is my first post and trust I have done it correctly and trust someone will have an answer

I understand there’s something called Server mode which you need to enable to allow attached HDs to be treated like servers. Have you got this enabled? If so, I’d hope this would allow you to select the tracks to add to playlists.
(I’m on the old platform so can’t point you to where this is found!)

Thanks for reply

Servers allows me to play my CD collection from HD attached to my iMac and create playlists but not SSD HD attached to ND5 XS 2 The only way I can see SSD drive is by enabling USB on Naim Software but there is no facility to create playlists that I can see

What I’m trying to achieve is to be able to random play my whole track collection of the attached SSD

I can do it via iTunes from attached Desktop Hard Drive with Airplay but quality is not as good as SSD direct into back USB port on ND 5 XS 2 and I can’t see point in spending over £2000 not to play best quality and can’t understand Naim not making this possible Any workarounds greatly received

If you have a USB drive attached to the streamer, go to the Server input and look in Local Music. You should be able to see the contents of the USB drive there, and you are usually able to browse the metadata properly here, rather than looking at the same music in the USB input.
Once you have found this, tap the … icon next to a track or album, and you’ll see the option to add it to a new or existing playlist.
Unfortunately, what you can’t do is add your whole library to a (random) play queue (as opposed to a play list) as there is a limit of 500 tracks in the Naim app play queue.

Thanks for your kind reply

I have now double checked what Hard Drive Server Local Music was reading and now realise with SSD directly connected it reads that disc I checked my albums to confirm this as HD attached to iMac has more albums than the SSD directly attached to Naim I thought it was only reading HD attached to iMac and USB was reading SSD drive

I wish to thank you both for pointing me in right direction

As for limit of 500 what are Naim thinking I haven’t limited my CD collection to 50 albums

I had Auralic Altair G1 on loan to me and there Lighting DS software had no such restrictions as iTunes doesn’t Also Auralic saves playlists if you disconnect SSD to add more Albums I don’t know if Naim does the same I do hope so

I preferred the the sound of Naim over Auralic as some female high notes were grating on my ears and the Naim just takes the edge of

Is there a work round that would let me random play my whole track library as I can in iTunes and Lightning if I put all my tracks individually in one folder on SSD

I know I can play that playlist through iTunes with Airplay but that source doesn’t sound as good to my ears

Thanks again to all

I’m not sure if you mean that the two drives contain the same albums, but if so, remember that the streamer will take a bit of time to scan the drive when you first connect it, or when you first turn on the streamer. There is no message to tell you that it’s still scanning the drive, but it can take a few minutes.

This issue keeps on coming up on the forum, so there must be some people out there who have a problem with the 500 track limit. I would suggest that you give some feedback to Naim directly - if enough people complain about it, they might do something about it.
(Note that this is a limitation of the Naim app, not the streamer itself.)

Yes both have same albums Desktop HD use with iTunes and airplay so I can random play my whole CD collection

SSD attached direct to Naim as sound much better with copy of Desktop HD

Yes I would like to give my feedback to Naim Do I email or write Naim Audio Ltd Sailsbury for best result

I feel strongly that the app being limited at all on playlists is wrong and as others can do it I question Naim why they can’t

If it was a straight choice between the Naim and Auralic I would have gone with the Auralic because of their Lightining App I can see Naim losing sales to Auralic

If I go to the library I expect all books to be in same place not 500 books here 500 books down the road and another 500 books further down the road I can’t understand why Naim have put a restriction on playlists

Had my moan Sorry

Thanks again for your help much appreciated

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