Does anyone take off their glasses

Is it me, or is there an SQ difference between glasses on vs off? I think I’m losing it.


Only to read the liner’s notes.


sound is less glassy

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Need to get out more I suspect, that said I’m sure a pair of Dame Edna Everage finest will have a detrimental effect of some sort


If I took them off I wouldn’t be able to see anything, so no.

I do get out, that’s the problem. Ok, maybe time to close this thread.

Oh my god, YES! Or I have to close my eyes… Can’t listen to music and have the view out of focus. I have reading glasses, so when I look up, I have to take them off if I want to focus on the music. I thought I was going mad as well… Who knows! :slight_smile:


Do contact lenses count?

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I’ve had some acoustic baffles made to measure, seriously reduces glare


It’s why music sounds better with eyes closed.

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Can’t listen properly with them on! Thought it was just me. :nerd_face:

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It’s getting rid of a reflection point near your ears, a bit like when you put your head against a wall the bass gets increased.

I put mine on top my head and squint, all about compromise.

My speakers image better with them on.



…I certainly see the image of my speakers with them on.

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I don’t use glasses, but know one or two things about acoustics and have solid experience as an alpinist.

View and hearing are connected.

Removing your glasses has an impact on how your brain processes sound.

Acoustics has an impact on your perception of space, to the extent of having an impact on balance.

And what you see has a direct impact on the sense of balance as well.

It takes some time, to some people, to get used to heights. Sleeping while hanging on big wall isn’t for everyone. This is due to both what we see and sound reflexions.

So your not losing your mind, all our senses are connected. And if we think about it, it’s a good thing, from evolutionary point of view :smiley:


Always off. Never had any problems!:sunglasses:


I totally believe that… and makes total sense to me.

I’m long-sighted and from mid teens have worn glasses, initially for reading but progressing to full time varifocals. For “pure” listening I do remove them. Not sure that it makes any difference to the sound, just feels more comfortable.


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I love listening with my glasses off, the speakers seem to just disappear