Does anyone think that the price of Naim stuff nowadays is a bit expensive

Is there anyone think that the price of Naim stuff nowadays is a bit too expensive?


Yes… those that haven’t bought it.


Naim has always been expensive and worth every penny I would say. Remember thinking ouch when I bought my 42/110 but never regretted pushing the boat out. Kept it for about 20 years before selling it and got about 50% of what I paid for it back. Definitely worth the upfront investment for years of happy listening.


Worth a trip to the factory. Massive attention to detail and for a high end product nothing superficial.




In the context of general price inflation (and general wage increases post 2008) in the UK versus Naim’s price list increases, it’s pretty much no contest, as the latter have romped ahead - a subject which has been discussed several times before on the Forum.

But Naim aren’t alone in the hi-fi world, with many other established manu’s having done the same.

Only as an individual can you make the judgement as to whether a service/component/bit of kit offers you value, in whatever way you define the latter.

What I can say is that I would not buy the kit I’ve got today at the prices now being asked.


I think I’ll sit back with some popcorn for this thread…



Get the extra large pot of popcorn…enjoy

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Having an Atom today, which is my first Naim gear. It was a kind of try-out after having owned many other (high-end) brands. The Atom as such is great value for money. Upgrading to a Nova is quite expensive already, but with some saving should be possible. However, after that it becomes really expensive to grow the system and each upgrade seems to be more like doubling the price of components. That is a very steep curve for many, I would think. However, it also has to do with the audience you are targeting. If you really aim for the high-end audience, price is of lesser concern I suppose, as it is all about performance.


I would say Naim kit is priced exactly right! This is because they are selling it in sufficient quantities to keep themselves afloat, or better.


I am also a Naim user and I know it’s a bit stupid to ask this question. Just thing comparing to other brands like Nagra, Brinkmann, Goldmund, Soulution, Boulder, Dan D’Agostino and so on, how Naim compare to them? For me sometimes I will always think about upgrade and then it’s costly

Yes😂 and Cola also😂

It’s really expensive but warms the room up nicely.


Please define “too expensive”.


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Now I think it’s not expensive at all, haha

Not as well as a powerful class A amp!

One of the few.
Don’t get me wrong: Naim products are great (but not great value for money)

If you think that Naim products are too expensive then buy something else instead.

Or, buy second hand Naim products and, with careful buying, you will pay what the markets deems them to be worth.

Long product lifespans and almost all products being serviceable adds to the value of Naim’s products and makes second hand purchases more viable.


Expensive is a relative term. Compared to mass market consumer music playing gear, undoubtedly yes it is expensive. Compared to low end hifi, ditto. But if you ask the question is it expensive for the quality it provides, that translates as is Naim more expensive than whatever may be the normal price point for the same level of quality, quality primarily being in terms of sound, but build quality and after sales support also come into it. Then they have to be compared with other middle to high end hifi. Mid to high end hifi gear is expensive compared to the lower end and mass market products, but in the context of this group perhaps Naim is only average in terms of expensiveness.

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Yes, far too expensive.
The Statement amplifier and pre-amp should cost £10,000 please :wink:


Nice try Blythe…