Does connector rated ampere matters?

Currently I have my power cable with the IEC connector rated at 6amps. So my question is does it matter? And I’m planning to change it out with one that is rated at 15amps, will there be any changes sonically

Are you in the UK? I thought the lowest usually-used IEC mains plugs were 10A.

It’s the maximum safe rated current, set with overheating in mind. Chances of exceeding it in any normal (and correctly functioning) domestic hi-fi system is basically zero.

That said, the higher rated plugs should have a lower resistance, so there might be an improvement with them, especially on transient reproduction, since your system should be able to draw the extra current faster.


As said above the current capacity of the cable within the ranges stated is unlikely to make any sound difference per se, however changing the cable irrespective of current capacity may itself change the sound signature… this can be through various reason such as impedance across and through the cable as well as cable construction.

Nope, I’m not from the UK. This connector came from the late 80s. Just a cheap IEC plastic connector, sooner or later I wanna change it to furutech plugs.

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