Does DLNA server alter FLAC quality?

Hello guys,

I just installed Plex Media Server on my mac. I activated DLNA and can now stream FLAC files from my mac to my Naim Uniti Atom.

My Naim App says that it’s a FLAC file that is being played. Is it correct? Is FLAC file correctly streamed, full quality, to my Atom?

Thank you!!


FLAC is FLAC is FLAC, its normally compressed in storage (various levels & default is 5) but it makes no difference as it’s unpacked & is full quality lossless when sent to the streamer.

Thanks Mike. So playing a FLAC from a hard drive connected to the ATOM or streamed from a DLNA server does not make any difference?

Correct - No difference.

Question - why use Plex, its a big program (uses a lot of resources) & is designed for video. Personally I did not like it & found Minim, & now Asset, easier in all aspects


Nice question Mike :slight_smile: … it’s the first media server I found and initially wanted to stream video on the smartphones of my kids and on my smart TV. I then realized it could also stream FLAC files… :slight_smile:

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