Does HT Bypass disable Sub-Out?

My Naim 152XS preamp has a unity gain HT bypass option. I’ve never used it before.

If you use the Naim HT bypass does it disable the sub-out signal on the preamp?


I would think there would be no preamp output; the sub out is driven by the preamp stage.

That would make sense. If you’re using the AV bypass then you’d most likely be using the LFE sub channel from the AV processor.

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That’s too bad but I figured it might be the case.

I’m considering adding a HT element to my second system. Although I don’t own a sub(s) currently, I would have them integrated for music since music is the primary use of the system.

I was hoping to use the HT bypass and still keep the subs online. Anyone have any ideas about how to achieve this goal? I guess I could use a sub with HL signal like Rel?

If you’re running an AV processor and using the AV bypass then you’ll be using the LFE output on the processors and LFE input on your sub, so you won’t want the 2 channel sub output. You’ll have the LFE connected and enabled between AV processor and subwoofer. Most good subs should allow you to easily switch between 2 channel and LFE inputs, with their respective settings.

Thank you. Are you saying most quality subs can accept a connection from the AV and a separate connection from the pre-amp. I can then switch the sub input via remote or from the subs themselves? Similar to a preamp? That would solve my issue if I add subs in the future.

They should do. The Naim n-Sub could take 3 different inputs (2 channel high level, 2 channel pre level, AV .1 LFE) and could switch between them, by the front panel, remote, or RS232.

Here’s how I do it.
Whether its right or not, is another matter, but it works for me.

Everything is connected via low level.

My AV receiver/amplifier has two sub pre-outs and I have two subs. Each sub has one cable running from the Av receiver/amplifier to it.

The SN3 has two outputs for subs, labelled L and R. I run those cables to each sub also.

I fiddled with the phase, gain and frequency until they sounded right with 2 channel music listening, then adjusted the sub output level on the AV receiver to suit TV/Films.

Other than switching them on and off, I never have to touch them.

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