Does NAC-N 272 work with free Spotify account?

According to the following link, Spotify permitted Spotify Connect to work for users who only have a free Spotify account in November 2018, but my NAC-N 272 (at latest firmware level) insists that I need a premium account. Has Naim not yet implemented this change or have I missed something in my machine setup?

Yesterday, when I first posted my question, my NAC-N 272 display screen showed a warning message as soon as I used the front panel switch to change the input to Spotify. I can’t remember the exact wording of this message, but it clearly stated that a Premium account was required.

Today, when I switched to the Spotify input, I got a message saying the 272 was unable to connect to the Spotify server. A few minutes later, that warning message also disappeared. I then opened the Spotify app on my phone and told it to play music to Spotify Connect on the 272.

I thought that might be the end of my problem, but the Spotify app just shows ‘Connecting…’ for about 2 minutes before it times out.

When I looked back at my 272 again I saw it was still in setup mode. As soon as I exited, the screen displayed the warning:

Need premium
Spotify account.

It won’t work with the Free account. You need Spotify Premium, like it says.

In that case, I wonder why Naim has chosen not to implement Spotify’s removal of this restriction back in November 2018 :frowning:

It also looks like I can only stream my free Spotify account to the much newer Mu-so 2 via its Chromecast link, rather than via Spotify Connect. If I choose to buy this Mu-so 2 (highly likely) then I can play Spotify on the 272 via a multiroom connection from the Mu-so 2, so all is not lost.

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