Does Naim (or Anyone Else) Make a DIN Preout To RCA cable to Biamp a Non Naim Power Amp With?

Have a Naim XS3.Tried to use it in Biamp configuration with a non Naim power amp (Schiit Vidar) using the Sub outs.Believe it sent the Naim into protection mode due to a ground issue (possibly) with Vidar.Wanted to know CAN the Naim be used (using the sub outs to Biamp with a NON amp ) AND if NOT does Naim (or anyone else offer a DIN Preout to RCA split hybrid cable for purchase?

Meant to say NON Naim power amp in above post

You won’t be able to take the preamp signal from the nait xs3 “preamp out” din socket as it takes in the power from the “power amp in” socket. Pull the link plug out and the preamp doesn’t receive any power (as in electricity). It does however allow you to inject a separate power supply ie flatcap or hicap.

Sub out should work, how long leads did you use?

The xs3 should sound best by itself though, if you want “more” from it try a hicap.

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I tried to connect my SN3 via sub out to a Nikko power amp.
I did not like the sound, very midrangy.

I needed something a bit non standard and Chord made them up for me.

I used a pair of DIN4 to RCA cables, sold by a dealer exdem, to run a Rega Maia off my 282 via a flatcap 2x and later a hicap. The cables were one per channel and were made by Naim.

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