Does phase matter into a crossover?

Just changing my Supernait 1 for the latest model and started thinking about speaker cables. I’ve got Nac a5 with naim plugs each end and these go under the floor and are very hard to get at. I’m using SBLs with SL2 crossovers. I think pro. made cables usually have the plug pins facing up at one end and down at the other which means channel 2 would be red to red but channel 1 would be red to black due to the socket layout on the back of theSupernait. I know it’s a bit hard to get your head round !!!
Question is does it matter or should I rewire ch 1 plug at the amp end ?

Phase is critical. The system will sound funny out of phase. NAC A5 should have a slight ridge IIRC on the positive wire.


If your plugs were correct on the SN1 they will be correct on the SN3. Invert any one of the four plugs and you will easily be able to hear which way is correct.

If you follow Naim’s instructions for assembling NACA5 you will be able to do it without the need to invert one of the plugs:

The critical thing is for both channels to be connected the same way round - if ‘phase’ is reversed on both if will be OK, but not if one channel reversed and not the other. (This is assuming normal speaker positioning with both in front, facing you, equal difference from you.)

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Thanks for all the help, the ridge makes identification easy and that’s what I needed. As I suspected I’ve had ch 1 connected wrongly for quite some time. Ended up splitting the end of the cable and just swapping the pins in one plug to make it right. All ready for the new amp now !

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