Does the Atom have a timer?

Does the Naim Atom have a timer, or will it go into standby mode after a while? I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.
Thanks for any help.

Yes, it goes into stand-by mode after 20 minutes, if there is no signal. As long as it’s playing, it goes on indefinitely, I guess… LOL

The default is 20 min but you can change it to several different values between 5 min and 2 hours in the Naim app.


Thanks for this. What I was hoping is that I could listen to music in my bedroom and not have to worry about shutting it off if I fall asleep. Sounds like that’s not possible.

I’m not sure about auto-standby if it’s playing but @ChrisSU is often here and he has one so I expect he can say better than I.


No, it doesn’t have a timer that will do what you want. The ‘auto standby’ setting is to put it into standby mode after a period of incativity. So if you queue up some music, it will play to the end of the queue, then stop.

And after it stops playing the current queue, the standard time for “going to sleep” will trigger…

Thanks for help.

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