Does the NDX2

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Please correct me if I am wrong but am I right in thinking that the internal power supply of the NDX2 doesn’t have any DR regulators?



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You can always buy the relevant DR’d external power supply though…

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I’ve just bought an NDX2 and although they sound good on their own they sound far better with an XPS DR. Well worth the considerable increase in cost.

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Are you sure about that @anon4489532 ? I’ve seen pictures of the inside of the NDX2. It doesn’t look like it’s using monolithic regulators. I see six oblong black things with lots of discrete surface mount components around them. They all look they have the same pattern of components, so I’m assuming that’s part of the power supply. It’s hard to tell without actually seeing it in person.

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I am.

Do you know what regulators it is using?

Those black oblong things are rather cool - Naim’s own design, they are thermal coupling hemispheres, to ensure that the matched transistor pairs remain closely thermally matched.

Naim traditionally have used LM317 regulators that they have specially tested and selected themselves. Looking at a picture of the innards of the NDX2 I see quite a number of what I assume are the tops of LM317s. Naim have traditionally double or even triple regulated certain parts of their digital sources.

Thanks Richard. So I guess those are the differential drivers as part of the LVDS?

No idea StoogMoe. Best to ask one of the R&D guys.

I haven’t a clue what’s inside an NDX2 but it sounds wonderful when paired with an XPS DR.

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