Does the Superiniti convert Analogue to Digital

Hi All

So I bought the SU, upgrading my Unitiqute. Such an upgrade it is too! Wonderful with my Neat SX2’s, really drives them well.

Question…does the SU convert analogue to digital? I really hope not. Didn’t think of it before swapping it into the set up. Just had my Thorens fettled and loving having vinyl back in the stable!

Many thanks

No, it doesn’t convert A to D. The Nova that replaced it does, but not the SU.

Oh thank goodness! Cheers Chris…appreciate it

I can sleep easy :slight_smile:

Even if it would convert AD, as long as you love what you hear, everything is fine, isn‘t it?

I would say so, yes. Unless you are such a purist that you refuse to buy LPs unless they are AAA, I see no issue with the Nova digitising the analogue input as long as it sounds good.

Ok, the only thing could be being unsure that it could sound even better without another conversion.

For me it’s largely purist. I’m not anal about it but I like to think i am listening as intended. I use my father’s old Thorens 160 and there’s a sentimental attachment too.

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