Does the Uniti Nova HDMI support DSD input?

Hi, I’ve just bought a Uniti Nova. I am trying to pair it to my Sony USP-X700 player to play my SACDs. The Sony only seems to output a DSD stream from its HDMI output ( it has a coaxial digital output but I guess that isn’t DSD, the Sony manual is silent on the matter). Does anyone know if the HDMI input on the Nova will support a DSD input. If not, any other ideas on how best to make this work ? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, the input on the Nova is HDMI ARC, and only supports regular PCM stereo. I haven’t trued it, but I believe the SPDIF input can handle DSD 64.

I have a Sony UBP-X800 bluray player myself, which I think is similar to the UBP-X800. I believe there is a setting you can change in the setup menu, whereby the Sony will convert DSD to PCM, therefore enabling you to connect it to the Nova. The alternative is to connect the Sony to the Nova using the coaxial connection, which again should output PCM converted from DSD.

Thanks ChrisSU. I think you are correct about the Nova accepting DSD through its SPDIF ports but unfortunately I can’t make the Sony player output DSD through its SPDIF. It will output PCM though and that does work. I’ve no idea if I’m loosing any quality… sounds pretty good to my ears though.

Thanks SeasonsEnd. Yep - this worked, thanks. A bit of me would like to just stream DSD but this set up sounds good to me.

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I can understand this, but Naim streamers, like some others, convert DSD to PCM anyway, so perhaps having this processing workload carried out remotely is better.

I don’t think that’s correct. DSD is carried over PCM with DoP, it’s played as native DSD, there is no conversion.

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