Does the Unitiqute 2 fit in?

Hi all, I am wondering if I can add the Unitiqute to my main system? I have Ubiq model 1, HDX, Norma IP140 and a Project Xtension evo 10 all fed through a Furman conditioner unit. I have a second system with the qute in and would like it in my main system to use with my Oppo Pm3 headphones, but am not sure if and where it will fit? Would it connect to the HDX, or the Norma amp? Or is this not possible? I couldn’t find any old posts that addressed this. Thanks and sorry if this is a silly question.

Hi, you could certainly connect the Unitiqute to your HDX. You could use either a digital or analogue connection, in which case you would browse and select music on the HDX interface.
Alternatively just use a network connection so that the HDX runs as a UPnP server. The Unitiqute can then be controlled entirely from the Naim app, which would be neater.

Hi ChrisSu, thanks for the reply! Ok this is where I show my complete lack of understanding of what’s happening here. I have a home network setup that doesn’t yet have the HDX included, but when it does will it allow me to play music from the qute on Tidal through the HDX and through the main system? Or for that would the qute need to be directly connected to the Norma? Again really sorry if this is basic stuff, hi-fi at this level is new to me. Sounds great, but makes no sense :confused:

The HDX will not play Tidal. It will work as a source to play music stored on it into the Unitiqute as well as your other system, but Tidal would need to play from the Unitiqute. If you want Tidal in your main system, you may be able to use the Unitiqute as a source, using the preamp output into your amp. This is not ideal, as you would be sending the signal through two preamps and volume controls, but it would work.

That makes sense, now I understand! Thank you for explaining it.

I wonder why you might want the HDX. Why not sell the Qute (or use it as a second system) and get an NDX or NDX2?

It comes down to cost really. Perhaps in the future, if that lady the kids call mummy can be persuaded that it’s necessary! To be honest most of my listening is on vinyl, the ‘softer’ sound is more appealing to me, but I do miss listening to certain albums on my headphones. I’m new to the hi-fi bug and it’s already moving faster than I can make sense of.

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