Does this exist ? (pre-amp, Phono, Tape Loop etc

Being new to the Naim Brand I wonder if there is a Naim Pre-amp (new or used) which would give me a phono input for MC or MM. A tape loop or monitor would be useful as I use a Sugarcube SC1 which works at line level to remove clicks and pops from vinyl .

The rest of the system is a meridian power amp, Tannoy GRF Stirling speakers, and Project Classic turntable, currently with a MC cartridge.

My current pre-amp is a luxman valve which has had to go for repair, and the dealer has lent me a Musical Fidelity pre whist mine is being repaired.


Hi Alan,
The chrome bumper & olive ranges all have the ability to fit plug in phono cards to suit MM or MC, they also all have tape loops (some require tape output buffer boards to be fitted).

The NAC12, 22, 32, 42, 62, 72 use the 3 series phono cards NA3**
The NAC 52, 82, 92, 102 use the 5 series phono cards NA5**


Note if you need both MC and MM inputs switchable from the front panel (as I do) then the 32 and the 72 are able to take two sets of phono cards.

On a NAC72 make sure it’s an early one as only the early version can take two sets of phono boards. I tend to prefer the NAC32.5 here as it is similar but also has a mono switch which comes in very useful with some LPs. Fit a set of NA729 time align boards and you effectively have a NAC72 anyway.

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As the OP thankyou for the info so far. Where can I find availability and prices of various boards like the phono stage and tape output. I am ok working on equipment, can the be fitted as a DIY option or does a dealer have to do it.
In this part of the world (Peterborough UK) we dont seem to have HiFi Dealers who stock much in the way of products and I have never seen accessories advertised.

The boards are no longer made by Naim but you could try some of the more likely Naim dealers (usually the ones who carry secondhand Naim kit of all ages) and they do crop up in the usual online sales places from time to time. The boards are an easy fit - they just plug straight in.

The last version of the Phono boards were NA322/4 for MM carts, and NA323/5 for MC (available in S, K or E/R versions depending on the cart). Tape buffer boards are NA324s.

Cymbiosis in Leicester supplied me a beautiful serviced Nac 72 last year. It was not on their site, I emailed them and surprise surprise, within a week there was one for me including the internal cards. Happy user of Naims Olive gear every single day since then. I got much more than I expected.

Darran of Class A audio does service these older amps and I’ve been told (so indirect information) that it is a good source of boards as well.

Many of the older / core Naim dealers have more available than they list on their sites, it is worth giving them a ring / email especially on this older stuff.

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