Does this sound harsh to you?

Can someone confirm that this track sounds harsh or whether it’s just my system/ hearing. Thanks

The electronic effects on that track do jar but perhaps they are not harsh to my ears.

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Not harsh - very synthesised apart from her voice, which sounds natural for the genre with some synthesised surrounds.


What happens when you hang a blanket over your TV to reduce reflections?

I’m assuming you’re serious. Can TV in the middle really affect sound. I do sometimes find top end shrillness depending on tracks. As I said don’t know whether system or hearing (or room)

I didn’t find the song especially harsh … but there was several instances of sibilance on her vocals

This is something I have found quite noticeable with my Kudos Titan 505, they share the same drivers as your 606

I find the speakers can be very ruthless and can sound quiet forward and bright on the wrong music ( as in music that doesn’t suit their presentation ) I have managed to tame this with some DSP eq. But cant do anything about the sibilance

Sibilance is something that drives me mad … and its random … some songs perfect with sweet soaring highs, the next ear bleeding rasping.

Not sure if this is what you are hearing ?

You’ve hit the nail on the head Fred. Sometimes sounds beautiful sometimes ear splitting. I do wonder if 606 are the issue for me personally

Excuse the ignorance but what is sibilance?. I assume top end harshness or shrill as I described. I just found certain parts of that track made me jump

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I’m very serious. I’ve seen a photo of your room and the tv is bang in the middle of your loudspeakers. This means that reflections will affect the sound.

I wonder if the sibilance you experience is related to certain frequencies and that songs in the same tonality have the same issue.

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Sibilance is an emphasis on some words…sounds like a smeared ‘sssssssss’ at the beginning of the word.

Most interesting. Thanks for this information. Very helpful

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