Does your NDS run hot?

Extremely unusual circumstances at the moment as temperatures in SE UK are around 30 degrees Celsius, but noticed my NDS casework was hot yesterday after a long listening session. Never noticed this before, but then I don’t think temperatures have been this high in the house before, which I’m sure doesn’t help.

This coincides with me home demoing a new 555DR ps on the NDS, which had me a little concerned the new supply might be contributing towards this? It’s been in place for a week but I’ve just swapped back to my own non DR 555, to see if this changes things.

Anyone else notice their NDS getting really hot in this weather?

Define “HOT” I need a temperature number, C or F.
My NDX with separate PSU (like NDS) runs a number of degrees above room ambient when switched on & not playing.
So what is your room ambient ??? I doubt its the same as outside.

I measured NDX case temperature with the probe placed on the case top about 100mm from & in line with the left side front panel profile change line, this I determined was around the warmest local spot on the case.

In a room ambient of 21’C & after an on & idle state for >24 hrs the case temp measured 36.7’C.
After playing 1 album of 54 minutes the temp changed to 37.2‘C.
After 3 albums over aprx 2.8 hours it was still 37.2’C.
This morning after 4 hours playing iRadio & with a room ambient now at 24’C the case temp is 37.8’C

The NDX is located in a wood rack with enclosed bottom, top & sides. Underside has the standard Naim 12mm foot height air gap, the enclosed top & sides all have a 15mm air gaps, the rear aprx 80% open.

Everything is running hot my old uniti and even a standard chinese dac is running very warm to the touch.

It’s warm!

My NDS feels warm to the touch even when idling, certainly not hot but noticeably warmer than the other components in my system including the 250DR after being used for a session of 9-10 o’clock listening.

With my own ps on it is not as hot as it has been… yet, but I don’t think it’s down to the new supply I’m trying, it’s clearly the heat affecting it more than normal. Room temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, that’s with all the windows open, doors open and a breeze (what there is of it) coming through. Currently around 32/33 degrees outside.

Just put a thermometer on top of the NDS; will leave it half hour and see what it reads.

That’s reassuring… my NDS is the hottest of all the components too. I’ve noticed it warm before, but not particularly warmer than anything else, so perhaps it is more sensitive to the current heat than the other components.


I’ve left the thermometer on it for twenty minutes or so and it’s also reading around 37 degrees, so very similar to yours. Thanks so much for posting your findings, it has put my mind at ease; it feels pretty much back to how it was with the demo power supply attached, so obviously nothing to worry about. Didn’t want to continue running it if there was potentially an issue.

Thanks to all of you for your replies. This is where the forum is such a great asset…it’s nice to be able to resolve such issues so quickly!

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I don’t believe that is so, like all electronic components it will just run X’C above ambient.

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It’s about 35 degrees today and my NDS and 135s are warmer than usual. No surprise there!

I used to have a Hicap that run very hot. It is of concern when something runs hotter than everything else. I had it checked out and we never got to the bottom of it.

Try not to worry too much! If in doubt get it checked out with your dealer.

No. Because i dont have one. :clown_face:
( wish i have.:sweat_smile::wink:)

Yes my NDS ran very hot … it worried me to, so I ran a little mains fan on low speed … fixed behind unit…this completely cured problem. When I was doing serious listening I would switch it off…

My NDS was certainly warm enough to encourage cats to lie on it. The CD 555 not so much so.

Don’t any of you folks have AC?

There’s not much use for it here in the UK. I’m down in the South East, which is probably the hottest part of the country but with only a handful of really hot days each year, AC isn’t really worthwhile except in the car. However, we’ve currently in the midst of a run of about 4 or 5 particularly hot days and I have to admit, the idea of AC right now is looking very attractive (and this from someone who spent time growing up in Virginia, Utah and Arizona!). Of course in a couple of days it will all be forgotten as temperatures return to normal (around 18-25 degrees C at this time of year).

That’s exactly what I did in the end, I placed a small fan alongside it to run some air between the boxes and it brought the temperature down considerably.

Now I know that the streamers can get hot in normal use, it’s not such a concern, it was just that I was more concerned that there may have been a problem initially. I had never noticed it get that hot before, but then the weather’s rarely reached these temperatures here!

I’ve just got to finish cooking breakfast on it then I will check to see how hot it’s running

The real benefit of AC is the ability to remove the humidity. It’s the humidity in the air rather than the temperature most of us don’t like. In fact, most of the energy required to run AC is in removing moisture.
Not that any of this really matters to hot hifi. Just us humans.

The real benefit is that it’s 94f and humid outside and 72f and 41% humidity inside my house. Of course I could jump in the pool too :joy:

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