Does your Nova hum or vibrate?

Hi all,

as you can probably tell I’m new to this forum but already I spent many hours browsing through the threads and topics. I’m glad to be part of this community now!

I got my first Naim Product, the Unity Nova last week and I instantly fell in love. Best overall experience ever! However there is one thing that is bothering me: Compared to my old Amp (I had a Pathos Acoustics Classic Remix) there is a distinct vibration to it. I mean, literally: when I put my hand flat on the case I can feel it vibrating slightly. It is a rather constant tone… Depending on the surface I put it on it leads to a physical hum. If I put it on the wooden sideboard where I had my last receiver it is louder than my fridge :see_no_evil: Maybe not the ideal place to put it, I know, but this still doesn’t seem normal to me.

I contacted my dealer and he suspected a DC-offset in my power line. So I tried different lines throughout the house with the same result. I also measured the offset, but it was only 30mV, which didn’t seem much to me. I still got a DC-Blocker and tried it out: The DC-offset is gone but the humming is still there :unamused:

Before I send the unit back for inspection I wanted to ask you: When you put your hand anywhere on the top of the casing do you feel any vibration coming from the unit or is it just mine? Maybe a faulty AC-converter…?

2nd, but less important question: now I got this DC-Blocker which isn’t helping me at all. Do you think I should keep it anyway? I don’t want to risk making things worse if I don’t seem to need it…

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t sound right. No hum or any vibration at all from mine.

Thanks for you reply. It was the answer I was hoping for :+1:
I’ll talkt to my dealer again.

Btw, I ended up sending the nova back to the dealer for them to check it out. Seems like they were able to reproduce the problem and I will get a new one (as soon as available…)


Just for interest sake, I bought my Nova new in January this year.

I just noticed that it has started to make a humming sound and slightly vibrates, also when on stand-by.

I am slowly getting the feeling that it’s time to move on.

Need to convince my wife first, which will not be an easy task…

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Once had this with an NAD integrated, IIRC the transformer wasn’t properly bolted down.

But as yours is brand new, the issue is up to the dealer/Naim to sort out.

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Thanks for sharing this information!
I got a new Nova last week: The humming is gone but I this one has two new flaws now. So it is going back to the dealer as well :rage:
By now I (as a first time buyer) have lost all faith in naims “quality” management.

Funny you should mention your wife… If the nova wasn’t so appealing we would have switched over to a Lyngdorf TDAI 3400, already :laughing: It seems as we could agree on a Linn Selekt DSM, though. We’ll see. Let me know how you proceed.

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Out of curiosity, which flaws does the new one exhibit?

Well at first everything looked and sounded fine and I was happy to have it back. That joy lastet for about half a day…

Every now and then it seems to have troubles starting up correctly:

  1. The main relais does not close right away. It clicks about 4-5 times accompanied
    by a rattling from inside until it finally closes. It sounds miserable, but I might even be able to live with this if it weren’t for no. 2
  2. Instead of the soft “thud” that normally comes out of the speakers when starting up there is a loud hiss followed by literal bang. Sounds like the amp is cranked up all the way when this happens. The first time it did I almost fell out of my chair. Now I’m afraid to turn on the device when my little daughter is around…
    This happened about 5 times in the 3 days I’ve had it. The previous one didn’t exhibit any of these behaviors in the two weeks I had it.

Since a couple of weeks I have exactly the same issue here. My relay doesn’t seem to switch off once in a while resulting in the hiss and huge bang.

Let me know what comes out.



And it was the second issue after a continuous humm and defect HDMI…

You‘re right it could be that the relais is still closed from the previous run which could indeed cause the bang. Never thought of it this way.
Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing multiple failures as well. I shipped mine back to the dealer today.

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Got reply from the service department and it seems to be a software issue… next version it should be solved. Sounds strange but hopefully true.


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@nielshut: Thanks for that piece of information. I received the new Nova yesterday but it did’t take long for it to show the exact same symptoms as the other one :weary: Kinda makes sense if it is really a sw problem… Still frustrating, though…

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Hello again. Just wanted to let you know that my odyssey is finally over :sweat_smile:.
I withdrew from the purchase and got myself a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 instead. It is brilliant in its own totally different way, maybe even a better fit for me than the Naim…


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