Does Your System create Emotion

Of course :+1:


I think that any systems ability to make you forget the medium but get caught up in the music is the sign of a good system doing what it should do . Yes there are elements and things like wide sound stage , good bass , rich timbre and detail can all be created in many systems . But only good systems make you ignore the parts and feel was being played and how the singing was getting under your skin . So no the OP you are most certainly not alone and music is the final aim not technology hoarding which at time this hobby can seem to be .


Yes, I laughed out loud too with big belly laughs . Great book.
My wife heard me and asked to read it when I’d finished. Not a snigger or smile from her, she couldn’t finish it.
Oh well.

With some recordings. All sorts of factors here. Sometimes I feel the emotion that is being expressed, sometimes not.

This can vary according to genre, recording, artist and equipment.

A few months ago I did a bake off with four friends where we compared three phono stages. With two we got some real emotional connection, but not on the same recordings.

Does SQ increase emotional involvement.

Not in my view as I can easily moved by quite poor things such as Amazon Echo devices if the music is powerful enough . I look in my set up for system that plays most music with a very large emotional appeal and if it fails to do this for th3e majority of what I listen to then i am looking for something to change in order to get that consistency .

Sometimes the opposite.

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It definitely enhances it for me. Isn’t this why we spend our hard earned cash to get better connected to the music?
As well as all the usual emotions music can evoke I often get the feeling of satisfaction - wow that sounds amazing - worth the investment in time and money.

It’s a great feeling when this happens isn’t it? Have you had the same feeling in the past? Perhaps with a more modest system?


Without doubt but I have definitely hit the sweet spot currently.

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I don’t think a hi-fi system can ever create emotion. It is an inanimate collection of electronic components. It is the interaction between the artist and the listener that creates the emotion.


I agree @JazzMan , a HiFi system is a poor conduit for the emotional connection, and live performances show this to be true.

I think “sweet spot” says it all. It might be a different setup for us all but it’s nice not feel like I’m chasing rainbows anymore. :blush:

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It doesn’t create anything, but a poorly matched system can get in the way of that emotional connection. I have found that improving my system allows more of the musicality to flow which stirs the emotions.

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Perhaps an hologram would help more in your case?

Thiugh they can be quite variable, some much better than others - and in my experience in terms of deeper emotion than just enjoyment they are relatively few and far between. Of course that applies to recorded music as well, but with any you like that get to you emotionally you can have the experience as often as you want.

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Had forgotten all about that song. I have just given Mr Miles a hit, and it is still a good tune👍

The total cost would certainly induce a strong emotion in most people if I were to tell them :rofl:


My system has always created emotion. That’s what’s we’re here for isn’t it?

Biggest emotional uplift was and remains my treasured 500

Agreed regarding the 500.