Dog Left Outside

Neighbour’s do has been outside in the garden in all the rain since at least 3 o clock.

It’s still out now. RSPCA won’t help as it’s not cruel enough.

How bad does it have to be?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s now dark and wet and it is still in the same place. :frowning_face:

Im assuming the neighbours are not at home.
If it was me, I’d hop the fence and bring it in.

That just breaks my heart.

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I can’t tell if they are at home or not. I won’t be risking any confrontation.

My missus lost here rag a bit when they said it was OK; and got cut off.

Does it seem distressed, whining and trying to get into the house? If not, on what basis is it cruelty? Maybe the door is open and the dog just prefers to sit where it is!

Or of course if it hasn’t moved it could be dead… :slightly_frowning_face:

Many possible scenarios but since you showed concern isn’t it worth checking it out?

They got it at the beginning of the lockdown but I think the novelty has worn off now. It’s always been put out and then whines and cries to go back in. It can’t be more than 12 months old as it was a pup when they got it. I don’t know many dogs that like lying in the rain.

I think they have just beaten it into submission…and it’s just curled up.

I’ve just checked now and I think they’ve let it in.

I know what I would do but I’m not there.
I have in the past, smashed a car window because there was a dog in the back showing distress in hot weather.

It’s difficult cos the RSPCA haven’t backed us up and could put me badly in the wrong with a conviction for theft/or t***ing the owner.

While its not your responsibility, it may be worth keeping a lookout for the dogs welfare and contact the rspca again if you see anything of concern.
They don’t deserve the privilege of animal.

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Yeah, we’ve been casually monitoring the situation for a while and this afternoon/evening just tipped us over the edge. I thought at least they’d log it on their system but they said they wouldn’t.

I’ll just have to continue my monitoring.

If you can keep a log of incidents/dates etc then Im sure they (the rspca) will sit up and take notice.

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My dog is treated much better, she’s lay with me now.

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I’ll be making a written log from now on.


Please do not do it, I feel real sad when I hear about it.

I know someone who did it, I could see that the dog did not connect to its owner, it looked, felt miserable and died prematurely.

Bless you for watching over the dog :relieved:

If it were me, I’d be making a real nuisance of myself with the RSPCA. The treatment of the dog is unacceptable, but so is the casual attitude of the RSPCA. I would be asking to speak to a supervisor. The comment about recording instances of apparent mistreatment is also a good one.