Dog trackers

I just wondered if anyone on here has any experience with gps dog trackers - such as Tractive.

We have a young dog who is generally good at recall but can get very distracted.

Any advice would be appreciated.


We use Tractive with our pair of rescue GSP x. They don’t go off lead unless in a secure area but they are easily spooked and have slipped leads and harnesses as well as pulling us over and making a bid for freedom. They are also great for when we leave them at their grandparents or at daycare.

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Thanks Iain, Tractive seems to be the market leader but it’s good to get some impartial advice.

We have a friend who has their cats on trackers. We have spent a
Many an uncomfortable hour/s searching through thick and thorny hedges trying to recover a ‘slipped’ collar with tracker. Accuracy is adequate if you have a sizeable creature attached to it, less so if you are trying to find the lost tracker in the thicket!

When attached to said felines they seem to work very well, I was most impressed with the map display showing the location of her creatures whereabouts. Quite pricey by all accounts but very handy if you are prone to letting your precious pets loose on the world.

Insurance for said devices seems to be a thing too.

Hi I use a beach lead that is 5 meters long, but you can get a tracker lead that is 11 meters long below. They are great for training on recall or allowing dogs to roam in parks & beaches while still allowing lead control.


Using Tractive as well. Works quite well and you can turn on sound and light on the app if you can’t find your dog in the dark.

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