Doing a bit of record cleaning


That looks great. A fun name (although it’s a bit of a nod to Nitty Gritty) and I like the stylised retro logo.

Looks more like toasting😀

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How do these cleaners stop fluid getting on to the label?

It has a menu where you can set the height of the water.

Sure, but what stops it running on to the label when the disc rotates?

The water clings to the LP

That looks great, and pretty new to market IIRC. Really like the LED display showing progress.

Sounds precarious!

That looks very 50s…


It isn’t. It just works. It’s an ultrasonic cavitation cleaner with a dryer.

Did you order direct from Estonia or from Audio Emotion?

I ordered mine via a UK dealer - Analogue Seduction. That way I could deal with them if I needed any support. By all accounts though the team in Estonia are really good and attentive.

Ah, I thought as you’re in Scotland you may have gone local. I’ve had one on order with Audio Emotion for 3 weeks but they’re waiting for delivery. I didn’t know Analogue Seduction had them or I would have gone to them having dealt with them before.

Got it. I haven’t used Audio Emotion before. They don’t tend to stock the stuff I like. My usual dealer has a great place in Joppa, Edinburgh and Falkirk and they are Naim reps.

As regards the Degritter, yep AS have it in stock (at least they did when I got mine, because it was next-day delivered).

I really like the ease of use of the machine and its results are excellent. You’ll love it.

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