Don Rendell Lansdowne Recordings Reissue - Follow up

This was Mr Dane’s old forum original thread and I wonder if, like me, is there anyone still waiting for delivery from Amazon France?

Original thread:

Tony, I ordered a copy of the Half-speed mastered 4 LP Issue of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On from Amazon France recently. It arrived within a few days, which was impressive.

What delivery date were you given?

My guess is these sold out long long ago. Richard was one of the lucky ones.

There are Hi Res versions available but they are not the Jazzman Gerald versions.

Best of luck though as well worth a listen.

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Richard, it states that it should arrive before the 17/02/19. I have a strange feeling about this since it was already sold out elsewhere.

Have you been charged for it yet?

No, they usually charge you once it’s been dispatched. Just like you, I did buy stuff from them in the past with no issues and fast delivery.

Well, after receiving a surprise phone call in French, which I hardly speak, I managed to ask the girl to send me an email, which they usually do anyway.
“Suite à votre message, je vous confirme que votre commande xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx est en cours de traitement. Elle devrait vous être livrée conformément aux délais indiqués dans votre compte, soit le 17 février 2019 à l’adresse suivante”
Well, at leat now I know they do have the order and once it’s been processed they’ll send me an email confirming dispatch and delivery date. Still crossing everything though!:sunglasses:

I’m in the same boat but as it sold out long ago I am not expecting to ever receive anything. My order says the same expected 17/02/19.

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Good to know I’m not alone. Will let you know if it ever arrives.

It looks as if the albums from the box are going to be available individually from mid March - see Juno U.K.

Yes it does look as if they are releasing the albums individually and they are from original tapes like the boxed set.
I will probably look to buy some of them. What are the essential albums from the original box set?

For me Phase III and Shades of Blue are must haves. Some sites are showing date of release as 15/03/19. priced at £23.99 each.

Jazzman are quoting £18.99 per album although not available to pre order as yet.

This is great news.

Jazzman does not include P&P. Resident-Vinyl shipping costs are included in the price. Let’s hope we get our box sets delivered as promised by

Fair enough. I don’t fancy our chances of getting the box sets from but at least it appears we can get them individually.
Should start to see box sets on discogs etc come down drastically in price now.

@Premmyboy have you received or heard anything yet?

Will definitely be ordering the individual albums, as I missed out on the box set and the Discogs/eBay sellers are asking very high prices to flip the ones they bought.

Was just picking out some records to spin this afternoon, and this will definitely be one of them:

Image result for don rendell roarin'

Wish I had an original mono. Mine is a US reissue (Fantasy JLP-951S).

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Hi Tony,

No absolutely nothing. I have pre ordered the individual albums elsewhere.
I’m not expecting to receive the box set.


These are now available singly from Jazzman Records - just ordered three of them!