Don Rendell Lansdowne Recordings Reissue - Follow up

My copies of the five Randell-Carr albums arrived today, and I am well pleased! High quality pressings and, of course, great music!

That’s great news. I am still waiting to hear about mine but should be very soon.

Just interested what happened to orders that Amazon France promised were on their way - did they arrive?

My copies of Dusk Fire, Shades of Blue and Phase III arrived today. They sound excellent but Royal Mail managed to tear open one corner of the robust packaging and all sleeves are creased, Shades of Blue badly crumpled. I doubt replacement sleeves would be easy to obtain, and it seems the new stock has pretty well gone too.

One query - all three are in stereo, but only Phase III has a stereo sleeve - can anyone explain.

Clive, regarding the Stereo question - the recordings were all made in stereo, however, the first two albums were only issued in mono on LP, I guess because the press run was so small it wasn’t worth doing a stereo issue as well (remember at the time mono was still far more popular than stereo). However, by the time that Phase III was released, stereo had overtaken mono. As there have never been stereo vinyl issues of the first two albums (only on the CDs) it made sense to issue these ones on stereo - particularly as the recordings were of such high quality. The mono sleeves were replicated as there were never stereo versions or stereo catalogue numbers for the original LPs.

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Mine didn’t arrive. Not that I expected them to. My order is still in limbo awaiting stock. I guess I should delete it at some point.

Thanks for the explanation, Richard

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