Down sampling?

My nDAC’s “hd” indicator is not lit. I can’t detect any problem with SQ.

Someone has suggested that my ND5XS2 may be “down sampling”.

What is this and is it a problem? Does anybody know?

Are you playing files that are 48KHz or above. Standard red book (44.1) won’t light it.

From the manual

The hd indicator illuminates to indicate that the input data stream is “high definition”. High definition is defined as any data stream with a sampling rate above 48kHz.

24/192 from Qobuz.

I had this once with an NDX. Local streaming of a 24/192 FLAC file. Played as 16/48 shown on the Naim app on my iPad. No idea why. SQ was audibly degraded though. Fixed it with power off/on reset. :grin: Never happened again.

First off, I realised that I’d bought the Qobuz “Hifi” option, which streams everything in 16/41.1 “CD” quality.

Changed to the “Studio” option. Still no light unless the album is ACTUALLY “High-Res”.

Oops. :confounded:

… and now I’ve run a comparison, I think I actually prefer the 16/41.1.


48kHz doesn’t light the indicator on my nDAC. It needs to be above 48kHz I believe

See up there^^^^…

Also, Qobuz “High-Res” 24/192 files sound better on a “HiFi” 16/41.1 playback than non-“Hi-Res” ones (Using Billy Cobham “Spectrum”).


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