Downgrade steps from 272/250.2

I needed to move the 250 and its weight nearly broke my back.Decided a lighter weight amp might be advisable in my autuminal years.

I’ve never had a power suppy since my flatcap 20 years ago and wondered
if moving to Nait XS 3 or 2 and adding a powersupply might be a nice adventure?

These days it s mostly vinyl so less streaming, wifi in Scotland is rubbish.
Is it someting I might regret?

Steady on…


How often do you need to move the amp and do you absolutely have to do it yourself? I’m wondering if the occasional lifting is worth it.


The XS series are nice so maybe worth a try. The NaitXS3 has a built in phono stage which might appeal.
If you want to take things a bit further the 152/155XS pre/power amp is very nice (especially with a FlatcapXS). More boxes, but each one is lighter, thinner and easier to handle that a 250.

The big question is how easy are your speakers to drive? If they need the power of the 250 without the weight then a non-Naim alternative might be a better option.

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Going to a Nait would mean that most of the 272 would be wasted. Also, the 250 is ideal to get the most from your Arcs. A Nait XS3 really wouldn’t do the business. I’d stick.


But the people are very helpful. Maybe ask the neighbour for a bit heavy lifting? - if distances are not too high?

Thanks for advice very appreciated
Hadnt thought of 152/155 option as I would move 272 on aswell.
Arcs are easy to drive my Rega Mira drives them easily so
in effect lesser Naim so to speak must surely do so aswell ?
I forgot to ask about super nait it must ba a contender?

Scotlands great but wifi aint

I guess you mean the Internet in Scotland is poor. You should be able to improve your own WiFi if that’s no good.

Is your DV high output, running off mm phono?

My dealer said Naim put a lot of work into the SN3/XS3 mm phono, so would be nice to replace the Rega phono, if you can.

It’s another big heavy box.

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I have two amps in use in my syetem, one weighing about 22kg the other about 26Kg. They are are quite an effort to move (I’m no spring chicken skeletally, even if I believe I am mentally!) - my solution is simply not to move them, and that I will [not] do sontinuously until I either move house or change the system. And if I struggle I know a son will willingly come round and kick me off trying.

18kg for a 250 seems positively lightweight in comparison, but that is irrelevant - the principal is the same.

Speakers are rather heavier… but no way would I ever forego full range sound: I’d rather give up music.

NAP200 is considerably lighter than NAP 250DR. I used to own both at one time. I’m not sure if the NAP 200 will be adequate for your speakers but it will be more capable than the Nait XS.

The 200 has gone, 250DR still with me. It’s the sound quality that takes precedence over weight, for me.

I suggested XS series separates as they are thinner, lighter boxes, even if there are more of them. The Supernait is quite a heavy beast.
I would hazard a guess that 152/155 with FlatcapXS would sound as good as your current system, if not better, especially as you want a turntable and are prepared to lose the streamer. Of course it has a different style, so these choices are partly a matter of opinion.
The 152/155 was discontinued not too long ago, so I reckon you would pick up a good used or ex-demo one for a good price.

Yeah the Nap 200 is lower weight than a 250.2, some even prefer performance from 200 vs 250.s
DR not necessary with 272, many preloved around.


Those arcs are lovely speakers. Quite a while ago I demo’d them with my then Arcam A85 and they sounded okay I suspect they need power. I imagine a SN3 would do the trick but in this case if I could I’d stick. Whether the XS3 would deliver the goods you’d really need to if possible get a home demo but again the XS3 is no 250.

Good luck.

Don’t downgrade, buy that instead



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Interesting I listened to Supernait 3 and Nait Xs3 today

My ears didnt detect huge difference between them

more pondering to do

thanks for all the help


Problem nulified just bought an XPS as she who must be obeyed put it you wouldn’t lift the washing machine on your own so stop being an a**e,

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