Downloading Qobuz purchases with the Qobuz App for Mac

I recently upgraded to the Sublime subscription and took advantage of their latest Hi Res sale buying approx 30 downloads.

I dl the first album by saving the tar file then extracting the contents into a Qobuz music folder I created on my Mac.

However, I noticed Qobuz has an app for Mac and decided to try it. I used it to dl my purchases. It automatically found my Qobuz music folder and saved all the album track files with artwork in that folder. It was easier than dl all the tar files manually.

Has anyone used the Qobuz app for downloading purchases? I want to make sure there’s no catch to this method I may be missing.

I use the Qobuz download app all the time, so I don’t have to bother with tar files. No problems experienced and all purchases are recorded under Purchased in Qobuz and on your account in the Qobuz store. Pretty simple, really. Sublime is good value so long as you purchase enough downloads annually, as you clearly have.

I was just getting ready to post that I don’t see any shortcomings to using the app. It found my Qobuz music folder on my MBP and even added artwork for the album folder in addition to the artwork for the individual albums. Much easier than using the tar files it seems. And wow, I SQ is so good.

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