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Just puzzled. I have a Star with a Tosh 2tb USB drive to which I have ripped a sizeable CD collection.

When I buy vinyl I use my PC to acquire the associated downloads in FLAC. They go on a downloads network storage section linked to the Star. My portable hires player cannot read from that storage section so I have to copy the same material again to a different section (Music).

My question is where are the Star folders physically held? Thx in anticipation BC.

I haven’t used a Star for storing music files, but with other Naim ripper/servers it’s important not to make any changes to the Music folder by accessing it from a computer, as it can break the database and cause problems. I imagine this would be the same for the Star. So I would suggest that when you download anything, you save it to your portable player then as well as to the Star USB drive. Then there’s no need to mess with it later.

The Star stores it’s own rips in a folder called Music on the USB HDD. What Chris says above is correct but I got the impression that the Music folder you mention is one on your network storage?

You should be able to see stuff on it ok if you unplug it from the Star and plug the HDD into a USB port on your W10 PC.



If you go to the gear icon in the Naim app and then to About you will find the Star’s IP address.

If you open a new folder explorer in Windows 10 and then type in \\x.x.x.x in the folder path bar above, where the x.x.x.x is the IP address you saw in the Naim app you should be able to see the Star’s folders. Folder Music will have your rips and folder Downloads you can copy own files into for the Star to pick up and index.

Saves having to plug the drive in and out.

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Thanks all - really helpful as ever. BC

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