Forgive me for my following thoughts but I have always seen the one box integrated kit as less than its multi-box equivalent. However thinking around my study kit of sc, 82, and 250-2 I wonder whether a Hicap plus SN2 would give a nearly equivalent sq? It would release a little funding towards a main system upgrade. I spend a fair time in the study but it isn’t set up to make the best of a hifi system.

Depends on how you define “nearly equivalent sq.”

Offhand I’d say the 82/SC/250 is miles ahead of a SN2/HC.

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That is my concern “ miles ahead”.

But on the other hand if the study is not really the best place to get the best out of the 82/250 combo and you want to free up funds for the main system then downsizing to something not quite as good here seems quite sensible.

I am being a little greedy and trying to have it all, too soon. I had a plan to arrive at my final configuration in another year or so but circumstances have changed, as they have for us all. I am now looking at hurrying to that final system. The obvious danger is that I lose something else along the way and regret the hurrying.
I guess I am looking for the experience of people on here who have changed their systems from one to another in either direction.

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Bruss - go for a SN3 at this stage , I don’t think you will not be disappointed . No real need for hicap with SN3 ( although slight improvement) but if you go for SN2 then hicap desirable

I’ve gone from a full 500 series (CD 500) to the 252/SCDR/250 combo and no regrets whatsoever. In my second home I have the SN3 ( say like your study) and so in a position to compare both , and again the SN3 is great, of course not as good as the 3 boxes but it really doesn’t matter, it’s all great music coming out of Naim

I would just go for it Bruss, have a demo of the SN3





Yeah I kinda stuffed that up Sloop :weary:

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That was the best part

Normally I would say that this is a big downgrade, and not one I would want to live with. But…… Looking at the rest if your system you appear to have two relatively weak sources that are nowhere near the standard of the 82/250. I’m thinking even a Nait XS3 would be a good match.

Good point re the sources. The node will have a qutest very soon, and ghe current setup is part of re using kit moved from other rooms as the general upgrade path has proceeded, rather than as part of a grand design. I have tried the hicap/xs-2 and while it is good enough for a study normally, I have now been spoilt. :wink: An sn2 is the minimum I will accept ( stamps feet).

Fair enough, the Qutest should up the game nicely.

I have run my 82 with a 140 - and it was very nice… :blush:

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