Due to not really having time to enjoy my kit am thinking of replacing my nds with 555 and 252 with an atom or nova as pre utilising my 300 as power.

Box reduction x3.

Would the nova have a better pre section or are they the same?

Ps i know its gonna be a significant step down

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The pre-section on the Nova is better than the Star which is better than the Atom and there are other significant differences too.
Another thought would be to consider the Atom HE which could nicely drive a pair of active speakers from say ATC, apparently very good indeed. Perhaps the ultimate downsize?


As your GB1is are not too much of a challenge, I’d consider swapping the 252 and 300 for a Supernait 3. It would be great with the NDS/555.


DCS Bartok into Active ATC. 1 box. On similar level as Nds/555 ps/ 282/hicap/ 250 dr. If you like the different sound.


The Nova is excellent and is well ahead of the Atom sonically when you compare both as standalone units.

There are more extensive pre inputs on the Nova but whether sonic differences are down to this or better power stages on the Nova is hard to say, I think you’d have to compare Atom/NAP 300 and Nova/NAP 300 to see in all honesty.

The issue is that either way you’re paying for a power section you won’y use if you’re definitely hooking up a 300DR. The Atom HE as others mentioned might well be worth a look.

I added an olive NAP 250 to the Nova (as I had a pair) and it improved on the in-built power amp, though not a huge amount. Old/new sonic signatures are a bit different. The 300DR is in a diferent league though.

It’s a shame the NAC-N 272 hasn’t been replaced unless the Atom HE is meant to fill that gap to some extent with fewer inputs and no option for external PSU.

Not sure in what way box count relates to time available for listening? Is there some other driver?

I have always appreciated the sound quality from my system, whether in the days when I could only snatch a short listening session every few days, or was away a lot and only got to use the system even less frequently: love of music always made me make the best of the sessions I had.


I certainly used my PMC GB1i’s with Supernaits with positive results, they’re driven comfortably, even a SN2 would be a suitable fit. You may find a more meaningful “sum of the parts” with that approach vs a not ideal pairing of a Uniti used as a preamp.

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I wouldn’t. Hang on to your investment. Inflation is here.

Bartok into active speakers would probably be the best one box bang for your money, but with the new dCS 2.0 software i would certainly say it will out perform the above system

At the risk of starting all the speculation again I’d hang on because one can only conclude that there is a 272 Replacement/Atom HE on steroids on the way - at some point. But @hungryhalibut suggestion of a SN3 makes equal if not greater sense.


Outperform or not…it’s not the most important. The OP will enjoy it more , or less, that is the point.

Was just starting that the bartock with its new software upgrade has certainly moved up the ladder and in its new form will easily better the nds, i would say its more a contender for the nd555 now and with a clock probably better than that, rather than what was stated.

Sorry wasnt clear want to reduce box count so can integrate in my main living room

In that case best sound quality (for size/cost) with minimum box count could be active speakers (e.g ATC SCM40A - larger may be better but cost rises sharply) and a good store/renderer (e.g. one from Innuos or Melco) and good DAC with adjustable output level capable of driving power amps direct. (Many to choose from, some already suggested - I suggest Chord Dave). 4 boxes including music store and speakers. Speakers of course depend very much on your preferred sound, all having different characters, and on size of room.

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Nope IB, the Bartok with its new 2.0 firmware will outperform any dac in the 10/20 k price level. :joy::joy:

This wouldn’t really be a balanced system with the power amp outclassing the pre and exposing the pre’s limitations.

If you want to stay with Naim with 3 boxes, the NDS/555PS and a SN2 or 3 would be much more balanced. If you want the newer streaming technology, swap the NDS for a NDX2.

Otherwise wait for the new streamer/ pre, but I expect the 555 would then be redundant.

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This is a combo I’ve wondered about. I currently have a 272/555PS/250DR and had planned to move to the 272 replacement. Given that hasn’t materialized I wondered what the NDS/555/SN3 would sound like compared to my current setup.

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I’d recommend comparing the uniti options mentioned and the supernait 3 combo at a dealers the last thing you want to downsize too far and regret it and then feel the urge go back up again lol


Very sensible comment dmu

When downsizing need to be so careful

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Thanks for commenta all gonna have a wander down dealers and listen. Dont want to get rid if going to regret will have to accomodate another way