Dr Dre - The Chronic MQA

Finally on streaming services Tidal today in MQA and tomorrow PCM on Qobuz.
Quick check also reveals all the NWA albums are also now on Tidal.


Oh Wow!! I’ll def check this out. I’m kind of in shock as Dr. Dre is tied to Apple music.

If you want to buy it, this seems cheap to me:


Excellent thanks.

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Gosh, he swears more than me! :laughing:

Never heard it before, definitely not family friendly or SFW I suspect, but strangely funky, suspect it could be a real grower after a few listens even if not my usual kind of thing.


Oh yeah the parental advisory stamp.
I actually prefer NWA stumbled across it during those riots in the US, as not my usual thing.

I never really listened to Dre much thereafter, but the Chronic does have a hypnotic type drone, then I realised the release was to coincide with 420 day today.

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Thanks for the heads up. Just finished listening in hi-res streamed from Qobuz. Wi-Fi is fine once the family is in bed and all the other devices are off!

Enjoyed the album, couple of good tracks.

I am open to all kind of music so i tried to listen

I did two cycle of the album

I really dont get it, is this a 90s rap masterpiece?

Lyrics as well same old same old…

Guess i am too old and white

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The best Rap LP of all time bar none and the only one in my collection. Sonically it’s second to none apparently Dr Dre is pretty obsessive when it comes to sound and it shows.

I’ll try the MQA out over the weekend my vinyl copy a reissue from a couple of years ago sounds excellent as have all the CD copies I’ve owned.

Haven’t listened this for ages, thank you for the reminder. Such a great album.

“this should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area”

That just the Beats brand that he sold to Apple for some serious $$$. Death Row isn’t associated.

Have you seen the Dre/Beats documentary? Def worth a watch.

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