DR Original v DR Converted

When buying a power amp second-hand, given the choice I’d always go for a newer DR model than an older one that needed servicing plus conversion to DR. Mainly for financial reasons - the cost of servicing and conversion will usually swallow-up any price-saving.

What about an amp that’s a little older and not originally DR that has recently been serviced and converted to DR ie, someone else has already covered the cost. Is there any reason why conversion to DR is less good than original DR, and can I assume that servicing equals more or less as good as new?

This has been discussed many times and the search is your friend. A converted and serviced box is as good as a DR original.


Thanks. I did search but nothing obvious came up. I am suitably rebuked but nevertheless grateful for the info.


A converted and serviced box is as good as a DR original.

I would agree. Nearly all my Naim boxes were purchased used and then were serviced and DR’d. As far as I can tell (and also according to others who sell and service Naim gear, the performance was identical to new equipment.


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