DR upgrade priority NDS or Superline first?

Happy New Year to all,
On the off chance any forum members have completed the DR upgrade of their 555ps and the supercap powering their superline; any experiences of which you found brought about the biggest bang for buck benefit?

I know that ultimately both will need to be done, but I’m going to have to prioritise one unit over another. Both my 252 and 300 are already DR upgraded.

If faced with upgrading both and having to prioritise, which would you send off first?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

Sorry to say that DR upgrade to my Superline Scap made much less difference than my NAC252 scap upgrade to DR that was done at the same time.
To be honest, if I was starting from scratch again, I would go for a HiCap DR on the Superline, and spend the extra cash elsewhere, e.g. on a cartridge.

I would have thought that the answer might also lie (partially at least) in which source you use the most!

I would choose the most used source as the first / DR update.

For a while a HiCap / DR was connected to my Superline. Without doubt, that’s very good. But the Supercap / DR opens up a completely different dimension. I’m not good at descriptions, so all I can say is that everything is getting better and it sounds essentially more musical.

I use a 555PS (w/o /DR) for my new (preloved) NDS. Even if the streamer plays over 10 hours a day, that’s not my main source. It’s the LP12. If I want to listen to music calmly, vinyl is put on. However, this does not mean that the NDS plays less well. I’m completely convinced of the streamer, but it’s a different topic.

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Thanks for everyone’s feedback, yes I was trying to apply the logic of which source do I use the most.

But for me it’s which source can I unleash the most potential from, as I listen to the nds the most but when I listen to the superline/supercap, this brings me the most joy.

Again for anyone who has been through the dr effect on both sources, please feel free to share your thoughts.

My gut tells me it’s the superline, but I’ve been wrong before!

What is your TT, tonearm and cartridge? That would impact my decision. In my case they are pretty high end and I listen to vinyl the most, so I personally would DR the Superline SC first to pull as much as possible that the analog front end has to give. But if my analog front end were less I might reconsider.

However, I don’t have a SuperLine so I can’t really advise from personal experience on it.

My turntable is a Nottingham analog Dais with a 12 inch ace Anna arm, the cartridge is a Lyra titan i. The superline is currently powered from a supercap using a hi line and burndy and with z foil plugs.

I value the previous posting/insight ie a dr upgrade on the preamp bring more than on the superline. I was certainly very happy with the impact of the dr upgrade on the 252 and then the nap 300.


Yeah, nice rig. I would probably want to improve the SuperLine by DRing the SC. I’m just happy that all my PSUs are DR out of the boxes.


Someone I know told me that DR Hicap is very good on a Superline and maybe better than Supercap. I haven’t tried it, tho.

Certainly in my non DR experiences with the superline, going from a hicap2 to a supercap 2 burndy was a huge difference with the superline.

I was less fussed with the hiline upgrade, this I undertook when I had the hicap2, so it was already insitu when I made the move to the supercap burndy combo.

The supercap is probably nearer needing a service and that turntable combo deserves the best. An NDS doesn’t come close and won’t with a DRps but that upgrade makes sense as preparation for a ND555, which will come a lot closer.

Thanks, a vinyl version of one of my current favourite albums arrived today, the Afghan Whigs “Do the Beast”. I’ve been thoroughly enamoured by the CD which I bought, ripped and have been enjoying through the NDS.

I’ve been enjoying so much that I felt guilty purchasing this on vinyl as well. I listened to the NDS first and smiled confirming why I loved this album. I then proceeded to cue the 180gm new vinyl, sat back and as the stylus navigated it’s way through the grooves my initial thought…my goodness the how I have forgotten what great analog playback can do.

The Dais/ Lyra combo produces sound which has immense scale and is so immersive. I remember when I first heard the spacedeck and then the dais; these decks have always sounded “big to me” which suits my tastes.

My romance with vinyl has been reignited.


Does anyone know which way the Nap 300 burndies go around or does it not matter? Can see green on one end under the insulation tubes. Can’t see anything on the setup manual though regarding direction… thanks


It does indeed matter. Under the netting sheath you should be able to see a white band and that end goes towards the head unit. There’s no left and right though so each Burndy cable is interchangeable.

The DIN-XLR cables are handed however, and left CH1 is the green band and right, CH2 is the red band.

Thanks Richard. I did it correctly by instinct. White lines to the NAP 300 not the power supply. Also concerning the NDX2 to the 252 what’s the best input? I had a ‘streamer’ option on my SN3. Have put it in aux 2 for now, not sure if that’s correct.

Also have a slight hum on my supercap and the 300 PS, is that normal?

Thanks very much @Richard.Dane , always helpful :pray:t3:

I would go into the CD input. A slight transformer hum may well be normal depending on how clean the mains is where you live and whether you have any faulty appliances nearby.

Yeah, I notice the bands on the Burndies and assumed they went on the head unit end. An older connection guide doesn’t show that but a more recent one does.

Yeah that’s the on i initially tried but get no sound from the CD input. So switched to Aux 1 and the sound came out when I shifted program to it. I have the bottom section on mute. But have played around and can’t get CD input to play at all.

CD can be assigned either to RCA phono or DIN, so maybe currently set to RCA phono. You just need to reassign.

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Thanks a lot Richard. Sorted :+1:t3:

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