Dressing the cables…

I’m amazed by the level of SQ benefit just achieved by just moving forward my 2 naim fraim stacks (away from the wall), creating more distance between the power cables (naim), running close to the wall, and the naim boxes!
And additionally from there I have been better able to « clean » the cable mess for extra marginal benefits.
But the funny thing is that when you progress towards clarity the impact of any little improvement is exponential ! In other words, what you maybe wouldn’t have noticed at the beginning of the quest, becomes huge as you take out the muddying factors. And the biggest I believe is the electromagnetic fields linked to electricity that prevent from hearing the full potential of the extraordinary naim boxes.
10 cm forward… the fraim slides easily with the spikes in the holders! Let me know!


How far out is it now?

The back of my racks are 1 foot from the wall and I have to lean over to do anything back there.

I’m moving house in a fortnight and am seriously considering wiring all the boxes in with the rear panels facing out into the room!

The only thing stopping me is that the cables would probably get trampled by the armies of children that come through my house.

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Now maybe 40 cm (30 cm + 10) . The main thing I believe is to have the cable “loops” and any extenders with all the connections (and related noise), and transformer boxes as far away from the back of the naim boxes (so here meaning as close as possible to the back wall) as possible. So this extra 10 cm which I initially dismissed because it was not “needed” or “necessary” for dressing actually provided more clarity to the sound. At the expense of the “active living room” space…everything has a cost.

I have the rear of my Fraim about 2 feet from the wall. It’s a compromise. Closer would look better but this allows for easy access and better cable dressing.

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Well 2 feet = 60 cm, this seems pretty ok and expansive. I was more cautious regarding internal family stakeholders!


There is a lot ‘in there’ that is usually covered-over my enough confounding factors that small tweak effects are swamped by the initial mess. Clear that baseline mess and then you can hear what is going on - and just how silly extra improvements are possible just by improving equipment and cable layouts.

Never believed until experienced though.

  • have fun! :bear:



I’d think again Jim. Divorce can be very expensive :grinning:


So can trampling on cables…


Can you stand behind the racks to sort things out?

Not really ‘cos the space behind the Frame is mostly occupied by the cabling. It’s only a single stack so with some space around and behind it, the cabling is a lot easier to dress and to keep clean. The pic is from last Christmas (hence the red stuff) but nothing has changed.

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Hi. Here I wonder if you would push the power cable loops away from the stack, closer to the wall, whether you would hear a sonic benefit?

I tried a few different ways to dress the PLs.
One was with the PLs looped outwards to avoid any coils and with maximum distance from each other and other cables. Visually and practically unacceptable but this was to find out if it sounded better and if so, how much as I was slightly worried about the coils. I was happy I couldn’t hear a notable difference over my current more acceptable dressing.

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