Hi does anyone use drobo nas drives…with naim streamers???

Do you have a specific reason to use drobo? They are exceptionally expensive and use proprietary systems for its technology.

The only advantage I am aware of is the plug and play nature to add to storage, but really storage is just so cheap (6tb drives) are a hundy that the need for this has massively diminished unless you are using a red video camera.

Hi … I have a huge video library about 8TB…so the drobo is ideal … it’s just that I am not sure how their apps work with naim and roon…

Hi Richieroo - I don’t use Drobo - but did look at this option a little while back as I took have a large media library, and the Drobo solution looks beguilingly simple.

In the event I decided against, largely because i) user experiences seemed to indicate that Drobo backup was poor, particularly out of warranty, and ii) because the solution I eventually chose (QNAP TS 473 NAS) also has the CPU horsepower to act as a Roon Core - and indeed I’ve been using it for this without a single glitch for about six months. It means essentially that as the NAS is always on, I’ don’t need to worry about having an iMac running Roon 24/7, so simplifies things.

For further details on how to configure a /NAS to act as a Roon Core, see https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Server_on_NAS.

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No reason at all to pay for a drobo but it has a reputation as a good nas.

Never been let down at work or home by qnaps.

Buffalo things I would not touch with a barge pole as had some at work and always failed.

Homemade cheap pc with a Linux is running a diy nas works fine. The advantage of a nas is small / tidy and convenient.

Indeed I have OPenMediaVault running in a virtual and a separate pc, you are only restricted by how many sata ports you have and even with the drives comes out at a 10th price of drobo.

They looks smart, but boy the price!

I had one of the very first drobos, and it was just terrible. But it was new to market back then. I am sure they are much better now, but I am very very wary of that proprietary raid system, if it goes tits up, you are basically screwed.

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Have to agree - I have an old Drobo (non NAS) with 4x2TB drives that gave me around 5TB of usable storage.

The problem being you have no chance of data recovery if the whole unit goes belly up unless you can maybe source another enclosure. While we like to think drive failure is uncommon, a single drive failure in a Drobo system will take many days to restore to a safer backup system when you replace a large modern drive.

Not saying they don’t have their place but as a backup you should have other parallel solutions.

If you’re going for a NAS I think there are better respected solutions from the likes of Qnap etc

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