Drop out on internet radio with Naim Uniti Nova

Hi, I have a Uniti Nova and live in China where the internet speed is good if not perfect. I regularly have problems listening to radio stations on the Naim due to drop outs. The Naim is supposed to have latest buffering tech etc to deal with this but no joy… Some stations at 128kbs are easier to access though still with buffering problems. Any higher speed such as Naim Radio is impossible. However when I stream a radio station to the Naim via Bluetooth from radio website on my laptop I have no problems. Does anyone have any suggestions or is it just China bottleneck? If so then why is it ok via laptop/bluetooth? Tks

I listen basically every day to internet radio up to 320 kbs through my Nova and so far I have not experienced any drop outs since I got my Nova early this year.

I am based in Germany and my internet speed is average to good.

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I lived in China for 15 years until December last year and I am 100% sure it’s because of the great Chinese firewall that makes basically any website that’s hosted outside of China slow. Try to build in a VPN in your router so it routes all your traffic over VPN and generally gives extra speed to international websites as it bypasses the GCF.

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