Drummers Are Different

As an ex-student of ‘Buddy Rich’s Snare Drumming Rudiments’ …yes.

Thicker :brain: s

Idiotic article to some extent. Doing anything over a period changes the brain and changes our genetics too. So, the story is…

Correct, learning anything rewires the brain, but interesting non the less


I was waiting for the punchline! :smiley:

Clear evidence of changed brain structure in drummers

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Ginger Baker’s brain certainly worked differently from most people.

There’s a great live track on Tidal of a joint drum :drum: jam between Ginger and Tony Allen when they played with Fela Kuti.

16 mins of pure joy and raw talent, beautifully recorded at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 78.

A four armed, 4 legged 2 headed monster of Rhythm…

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Making him a horrible jerk.

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