DS Audio Stylus cleaner ST50

Has anyone on the Forum are using the above cleaner and what are their views on the unit considering it costs £80.



It is discussed, among other options, in

and in

Here’s my cleaning regime…

  1. VP DustBuster for half a second every play
  2. Flux ultrasonic cleaner (dry) about every 2 weeks for 10-15 seconds.
    Job done.

I just purchased one myself. I will use it in combination with the green paper, in hopes
The ST 50 removes the lint, dust, etc from under the cart and around the cantilever with the green paper removing the crud that gets almost shellacked on from dirty grooves, and heat generated from needle to vinyl drag.


For what it’s worth, chaps etc, about two years ago I had my Garrard 401 with SME III in an original Peter Soper plinth refurbished and revised (silver litz etc) by one of the best TT/Cartridge people in the UK. I won’t advertise the name, in due deference to Forum Rules and human curiosity. Advice about cleaning my/any stylus, coming from one of the top stylus makers in the world, was ‘Insert carefully into a bit of plasticine, and carefully withdraw’. Incidentally, this is probably what the dancing girls said to Donald Trump in Moscow in 2006.

I don’t want replies, thanks, but do go ahead if you must.


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