DS412+ server not recognised when connected directly to a music streamer via wired ethernet

Hi all.

I am hoping my problem is bread & butter to someone who can enlighten me. I have moderate general computer skills but networking fine points are a dark art IMO.

I am able to use my DS412+ as a music server when both it and my streamer are separately connected back to a common ZTE Gateway H268A router.

However when I connect one of the DS412+ ethernet port directly to my music streamer (NAIM NDX) ethernet port and keep the DS412+ also connected to my router via the second ethernet port on the back of the DS412+ then I can’t find any servers on my streamer. I have seen a few posts generally talking about bridging the 2 LAN ports on the back of a NAS to improve sound but I could not follow how to do it.

How can I fix this?

Not that it matters but my othe gear is a SN1 and Spendor D9.2 and Marantz SA14se which I use as my DAC.

George Ciechan

There are some audiophile NAS/server devices from brands such as Melco that use a second Ethernet port to provide an optional direct connection to your streamer. However, this is not the intended purpose of the dual ports on a regular NAS, which is intended to be discovered by the streamer over your network in the conventional way.
Unless there is a workaround that I’m not aware of, you need to connect both devices to your router. Point to point connections between individual devices are not how networks were ever intended to work.

Thanks Chris. I thought there was some way to ‘bridge’ the two to achieve this but I must not have understood. I will keep looking at ways to improve server/network side after finding both coax and ethernet cables made a huge difference and improvement in my system.

I haven’t yet come across a dealer here in Oz that really have seriously investigated anything apart from the simple & obvious i.e. using different audio brand servers & DACS.


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