DSD playback

Hi mates,

How Naim streamers (NDS in my case) playback DSD 64 files?
DOP, native or convert them to PCM ? Not really clear for me.
Unity Core manual says that DSD files are converted to PCM if I am correct.
As I read somewhere NDS uses ‘DOP’ method, no conversion.
Core converts DSD files according to manual and as I know conversion is
not fully lossless. Then what happens when I use my NDS in streaming mode
together with Core ? Does NDS play DOP files or converted files ?

Pls be so kind to explain me these things.
Thx a lot.

Just checked a DSD album I have on my Core. The NDXS is showing it playing as a DSD64 file.

Here’s a screenshot…

Should have been ND5XS…!

The Naim streamers use LPCM DACs, so they convert DSD to LPCM in the DSP that does the reconstruction filtering. This is done with 40 bit resolution hardware.

Don’t worry too much about how or why, Naim streamers play DSD

DoP is simply a means of carrying a data stream of DSD, the DSD data is packaged within stereo 24 PCM data framing, there is no conversion & native DSD is presented at the endpoint.

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Thx for your replies.

If I understand well NDS uses DOP.
Core converts to PCM if it is true.
Then NDS plays the converted file by Core ?

Sorry if my perception is cumbersome…

No, as I said in my post, there is no conversion.
DoP is a system that carries DSD over PCM between server & player
DoP takes groups of 16 adjacent 1-bit samples from a DSD stream & packs them into the lower 16 bits of a 24/176.4 data stream.
DoP is simply DSD data packaged within stereo 24 PCM data framing, there is no conversion.

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