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Bit of a goober question here…

Any specific issues with putting a Stageline on its side. I’m trying to locate it out of the way the most obvious place is behind the unit on its side - there isn’t the clearance to put it flat and by putting it there I get all the cabling around the back to be much neater in terms of touching etc… Whats the wisdom of the hive mind on this…? Cheers A

Also moving it here has helped with a bit of sibilance - though I’ve no idea why that should be

No harm I think with Stageline, unless you can hear a difference. Not advertised as designed for that, though. Naim do pick their feet for each design with particular care, so not using them as intended opens you up to unexpected results.

Not OK with the Superline, NAC 552, or any of the CD players, of course — they fall to pieces.


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Ideally it would be sat on its feet but if you can’t do that and need to put it on its side then I can’t see it being a problem. Just keep it away from mains transformers and cables.

Tis done now anyway and as they say ‘out of sight out of mind’

It’s not like there is anything mechanical or heavy inside it…. I still think it’s a shame the the old Olive series philosophy of replaceable internal phono boards didn’t carry through to the Classic series NACs…

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You could put some sticky 3m feet on the side panel edge. They should be easy enough to remove if you ever need to revert to the normal placement.

The stageline board and connectors are loosely mounted in the case. Not sure what turning it in its side might do to the designed-in decoupling from the mounting surface/feet(?)


It’s not a sprung suspension like on the Superline. It’s basically compliant leaf mounts within the PCB, so should be fine although may not operate optimally as designed.

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I stuck it on top of the pre-amp.

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