Dust removal - Tweeter SBL

when I had moved the upper front grill from one of my SBLs I (again) recognized that there is some dust laying on the cone of the tweeter.
Must been very long and from a time, where I had no grills on.
Nothing bothers me during listening to the music.

But is there any chance to remove the dust - looks like it sticks there.
I have not tried anything yet as I do not want to come near the little cone.
A small and smooth brush from lens cleaning? No idea?

I can also leave it as it is. With grill on it is a no see :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice

edit: found in article from dynaudio (sorry in German). It says - hands off! The dust you can not blow of is no problem for the sound. Anything else is too dangerous to manage!
OK - I have done the right thing :O)

Also Foul s suggestion with dishwashing liquid in a forum… this is not my preferred option :slight_smile:

I’ve never needed to do this but if I did I’d think about a puffer brush of the type you might use on a camera.

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A vacuum cleaner with a long horse-hair-brush attachment on very low power, with some dexterity applied.


Can of air duster, from a sensible distance of course?
Can you post a picture of said contamination, cant believe it would audible though.

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I have thought about the options… none is valid for my gut feeling.
Will go for a very soft brush and try it on an older speaker not in use.
Only if I have a good option, I should post a pic.
I know me - what if someone will mention that it is too much dust …
No audible for me - maybe the fine dusty hairs give the good analogue sound :slight_smile:

The Scan-Speak tweeters are as tough as old boots. I wouldn’t worry so much. It’s not as if they have ferrous-fluid or aluminium domes.


That is good news. Will think about giving it a smooth brush

I think a “swiffer” dusting kit would work

Not a good idea

It’s not an idea, from personal experience. What was you thinking?

Yes I would not take a Hoover to fragile transducers. Just my opinion of course

Do you have ‘actual’ experience of the ‘transducers’ that i’m on about?

No but do you :wink:
I would ask Scanspeak first if that was a good idea instead of relying on a suggestion from someone on this forum

Yes i do. Many years, of experience. BOOM!:wink:

Good for you Stephen. I would still ask scanspeak and not a builder or brick layer double BOOM

Cheers mate. Ok. Good for you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry I don’t want to appear rude. I have a lot of respect for good builders. Just that I would bounce a question off scanspeak to be on the safe side.
All the best

I’m going from my own experience. Not what i’m led to believe. Just trying to share my outcome.:sunglasses:

Fine, but some transducers are quite sensitive to forces that are exerted by a hoover.
Don’t try this at home children :rofl:

Yes. But not ScansSpeak SBL ones. It will not bother them. They won’t go BOOM.