Dusting Naim Fraim

Just spent a few minutes dusting my Naim Fraim’s…took a couple of minutes. I bought this on the river, super easy to use and it even does the tight fit between glass and black boxes. So I thought i would post a piccy in case others are struggling.


The suspense builds…

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@Gazza what should I search to find such item? Thanks for the post.

Hi Steve, its sold direct by lakeland or on amazon.Search lakeland flatmate long flexible duster, you get the long one pictured and a smaller blue one for £12.99.

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I use the small blue one for my Fraim. The big yellow one is perfect for going under the fridge etc.

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Surely there must be a £2k audio version :flushed:


I have to admit that dusting under my fridge is not anything that I ever could imagine wanting to do.



Yep, I have one of those, though mine is bright orange… hmmm

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Lakeland have a combo pack consisting of the bigger yellow & a small blue wand. The blue has a thinner stiffener & is the right size to get under the Naim boxes,

It probably expands the sound stage…


Mine is red and fit perfectly to my system … :sweat_smile:

Seach for Good Grips OXO Microfaser

I’m going for the black diamond edition with special isolation micro fibres that take 2 years to reach maximum performance.


You find all sorts. Dust, spiders, that penne rigate that rolled away and you never quite worked out where it had gone…

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Waste not, want not…

@Gazza thanks! Ordered!

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