DVD5 advise

hello friends,
well, I’ve just bought DVD5 and seller said it is working perfect.
anyhow, it does play DVD’s really nice but…
it doesn’t even recognize CD’s which is the main reason I ought it (I’m a vinyl person)
is anyone has this problem before, any advise is welcome

It may indicate that the mechanism is in need of replacement. I’m not sure what the current stock situation is for at the factory. I think it depends which version of mech your DVD5 has fitted. Perhaps @NeilS can advise further here.

s/n is 213916
means its a 2005 model I guess

Hi Richard, yes that would suggest that the transport loader is at fault - it uses different lasers for DVD and CD, so it is common for one to fail while the other is still good.
We can still replace these regardless of which of the two types is currently fitted.



Great, thanks Neil.

It’s well worth it to get the transport replaced. I used a DVD5 as a CD player for years. It really is a great player.

Thanks Neil,
problem is that the I’m situated in Israel, is it possible you will send the transport to the Israeli dealer and he will do the job?

I’m not sure Neil is able to answer that. Best speak to your dealer or local distributor to see what’s possible.

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