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It would appear the strike action affecting Swansea DVLA is going from bad to worse. I’d heard that many drivers were unable to get licences returned over recent works, but it is now impossible to reach DVLA by phone. Having this last weekend been diagnosed, out of the blue, with brain tumours following a first ever seizure, I have a legal obligation to surrender my licence, having being told by my consultant I must not drive for a year at least. The on line forms are not exactly user friendly, but I find myself unable to access any form of meaningful help or advice. I’m all for workers’ rights, but not quite sure how this withdrawal of labour is going to result in fewer Covid cases within their office complex. This is not a political post, just ‘confused.com’ posing a ‘Why?’ question!

Sorry to hear this.

As long as you do not drive during the specified time advised do you really have to surrender your licence?

Oh dear. I do hope you are as ok as possible in the circumstances.

The only consolation I can offer is that once you’ve surrendered the licence it is incredibly straightforward to get it back, with the necessary medical sign off of course. And it’s as if you’ve always had it and it doesn’t affect what you need to tell your insurers in answer to the ‘how long have you had a licence?’ question. The DVLA were absolutely lovely when I surrendered mine and could not have been more helpful.

I do hope Mrs Timmo is happy driving your lovely new smaller motor home. I wish you all the very best.

@Guinnless it’s essential that you surrender your licence after seizures. As I said above, it’s then really easy to get it back. I asked the DVLA what would happen if I just put it in the drawer and didn’t surrender it. Basically if they find out and remove it forcibly, it’s a world of pain to get it back and it would scupper your insurance. Tim is absolutely doing the right thing in volunteering to surrender his licence.

Timmo, the easiest way is to attend your local police station, and surrender your licence there. Every force has a DVLA liaison officer who can complete the appropriate form and forward it along with your licence. The form they have is D751, the surrender part is on page 4. Hope this helps.


Thanks for clarifying this. :+1:
I did not realise that it was easy to get back, I had visions of a retest and a whole load of stress for the OP.

I was told not to drive a couple of years ago due to a suspected stroke ( I lost the ability to speak for about 20 minutes on several occasions ) which turned out to be caused by migraines.

I did check regarding my Vestibular Schwannoma if I needed to report it to the DVLA but fortunately I didn’t have to.

Cheers HH. Helen’s loving Pamela the Panel Van, and more than happy to be lead charioteer for 12 months or so. I just need to get used to not being in control!
Thanks for the advice - I’m just waiting now for the next pieces of medical prognosis and treatment info to put on the form, then I’ll photocopy the D/L and send it all off by Rec. Delivery. Everything I’mreading of the situation at the moment does not fill me with confidence in their ability to safeguard my interests- we shall see, I have no choice.

Hope things work out for you quickly and you are back driving asap.:pray:

Thanks Gazza - from what the Neuro and Oncology consultants have said thus far I don’t think it will be a particularly swift process - not to worry, plenty of music listening time, always a bonus somewhere!


It looks as though everything is happening at the DVLA, but just slower than usual. All you can do is go with the flow, as worrying won’t help. It’s great news that Helen is happy driving Pamela so you can get away and relax as much as you can. The only challenge is that with everyone confined to the U.K. the sites are pretty full.

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I think until diagnoses are complete and treatment plans produced we probably won’t be venturing too far from home - we have quite a few friends and family booked in for visits this summer which will be lovely!

I used to be a DVLA medical examiner. Getting your licence back will require information from your specialist and your probably your GP. Depending on that information it may be a paper process, or you may need a medical examination. DVLA will refer you to the independent examiner for this, not your normal GP. You’ll not need a re-test and the examination almost never requires any assessment of your driving.

DVLA are often slow but their decisions in these matters are usually very fair (taking into account their safety-first priority).

There is a link below to a document used by doctors (but publicly available) that may be useful but remember that each decision is individual and although very detailed this is just a guide.

Wishing you well.


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Thanks Bruce. Once again the degree of kindness and empathy extended by members of our forum makes me feel humble.
The driving issue is the least of my worries at the moment. Of far greater import is a game plan to maximise quality time with my loved ones, and put in place all that is necessary for their future security and well being. That said, and maintaining a sense of realism, I’m up for a good scrap - never having liked being beaten or taken for a sucker. My dealings with our NHS over the last few days have been so positive, and led to some feeling of optimism!

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Professional exposure, and personal experiences have taught me many times that what really matters in life becomes obvious in these situations.



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