Dylan_Fragments_in Protools

As a mainly vinyl listener and Dylan listener that isn’t quite ready to push the button on the vinyl print of Fragments but was interested to listen to Michael Brauer’s mixes I got hold of 3 tracks at 24bit 96k wav and put them into my Protools system for a little listen.

Are you a listener or watcher of coloured graphics.

Music is it ears or eyes?

hahaha, well I use protools for music editing and production work, this is the industry standard so most music you buy from the last 25 years would have been recorded into this platform with graphics and colours. I personally wanted to see how much they, the mastering engineers had limited and crushed these songs for the digital versions. and judging by the screen shot they had, especially the bottom track. All of this was played through high quality universal audio DA conversion thru ATC monitors. Im just gonna go buy the vinyl version hahaha


I have heard it said that vinyl is cut from the digital recordings, I have no idea if this is true.

If it is, would the vinyl be any better?

yes, Michael Brauer the highly celebrated mixing engineer that did the new 2022 mix of the album uses Protools as per my screenshot and all of his mixing work is in the box and digital. I studied his work flow a few years back when I did my degree in sound engineering (im in my 40’s btw) The time out of mind recording sessions were originally recorded digitally on a 16bit RADAR system made by Otari.

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